The Priv8teer 8 Mission Statement

It is our goal, it is our mission, it is our ambition to cast a positive spotlight on those racers who serve as the backbone for the entire industry.  Our selected group of eight racers represent privateers throughout the world who in a very real sense serve as a reminder to all that dreams can be realized and immeasurable adversity can be rendered inconsequential.


“Applause Line”

Big bright APPLAUSE signs for your theater, broadcasting studio, website, banner ad, and music needs.

The following motorsport insiders “applaud” the Mission Statement of the Priv8teer 8 project:

  • Rick Waddell  –  Creator/Founder of “Kart2CART”  and “Drive4USA” Driver Development programs.
  • David Geddes  –  Founder U.S. Race Club and International Sports Technology Association