Jeremy Higgins

Arrrr! The season is ON!


Priv8teer8 racer Jeremy Higgin is Priv8teer8 racer number 1.  The first of 8.  And only 8 who can call themselves a Priv8teer8 racer!  Catch all the action as Jeremy competes in the AMA Pro Flat Track series .

About Us

8 racers. 8 disparate campaigns. 8 unique stories. All priv8teers.


Priv8teer will select up to 8 racing campaigns to represent the privateer racers throughout the motorsport universe.  Each racing team/driver/rider selected will be featured and promoted by Priv8teer individually, as well as  collectively building a fan base for a hand-picked team of up and coming speed demons.   Race fans around the globe will be able […]

Featured Priv8teer

NASCAR driver/owner Chris Lafferty


Priv8teer is pleased to announce the 3rd addition to its roster of 8 driver/riders in its creative motorsport marketing campaign.  NASCAR team owner/driver Chris Lafferty comes to the Priv8teer 8 with a long list of accomplishments.  He joins other racers in a campaign that is designed to collectively and individually promote their racing programs under […]

Featured Priv8teer

Phil Wicks


Phil Wicks is a racer.  He wins them quite regularly.  Over the course of the past several seasons, this veteran racer has dominated his class in his bright yellow “Snoopy” Mini Cooper.  Did we mention he’s 75 years young?  Phil Wicks competes and wins against not only those who are the age of his children, […]

Featured Priv8teer

Jeremy Higgins


Jeremy is one of our originals and is our first member of this special racing group of 8 priv8teers.  His enthusiasm, dedication and plain ol’ racing skill has made him a favorite from the beginning.  Racing across the flat tracks of America takes a special kind of racer competing in what can only be described […]

Commercial Opportunity

A Sport Marketing Machine


Ready to reach out and touch the racing audience in a new and compelling manner?  Where else can a single sponsor campaign integrate and accentuate a product or service so uniquely, across so many landscapes as can be accomplished with   The Priv8teer 8 campaign focuses on the promotional values of motorsports, not simply […]

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