September 4, 2015 – Radically new skull graphic!

An important part of our Priv8teer experience is symbolized by our Priv8teer skull graphic.  To date, the Priv8teer skull has featured a laughing, somewhat whimsical depiction of the “privateer” racer.  It has served us well.  But the time to move on has arrived.

Starting today, Priv8teer 8 debuts a new Priv8teer skull graphic.

Over the course of the past few months Priv8teer has undergone a radical change.  At the same time, we rerouted our goals and objectives to more closely align with our original intent and vision.   We believe we are on the right track.  The development of the Priv8teer 8 campaign has rejuvenated our thinking and reinforced our beliefs.  The Priv8teer 8 is an exciting, unique and capable marketing campaign that we hope transforms Priv8teer in ways not yet even envisioned.

Today we unveil the “new” Priv8teer skull.  In an instant, you’ll recognize some old styling cues overlaid with a radically new depiction of the Priv8teer skull.  It’s more aggressive, more realistic and more detailed.  We believe it is more representative of our new initiative and complementary toward the Priv8teer 8 campaign.  And if we may say so, we just plain like it better!  You’ll soon see this new Priv8teer graphic displayed on each Priv8teer 8 competitor, along with new merchandise and assorted displays and other uses.  In fact, we ultimately hope you’ll commonly find the Priv8teer  8 skull graphic at race events all across the country!

The skull was designed by Mackey Marketing Group colleague and graphic artist, Jeff Vargas who has crafted several projects for Mackey Marketing Group over the past several years, including the redesign of Mackey Marketing website as well as   This new work is a welcome new addition to the portfolio of work he has designed for the agency.