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Phil Wicks and Trailer at Roebling 

Few, if any, can match his longevity.  While perhaps most popularly known for being one of the Mini  Cooper stunt drivers in the  original “Italian Job” film starring Michael Kane, for over a half  century, the name Phil Wicks has been synonymous with motor racing.  His racing career spans the  “golden” age of saloon car racing and is one of the most respected driving experts in the industry  today.  He started his professional career back in the 1960s as a works supported driver competing  in a Mini Cooper at race tracks all across Europe.  He was instrumental in the development of the  Mini Cooper as a successful saloon car and was one of the first to compete in an Austin Mini Cooper  “S.”  Since the origins of the brand, Wicks has been at the forefront of all things “MINI”.  With the  reintroduction of the MINI Cooper to the U.S. market in 2002, Wicks was again leading the way to  introduce the brand to a new generation of MINI enthusiasts through his Phil Wicks Driving  Academy events.  These MINI events were held at various race  tracks around the country and  successfully instructed performance driving techniques to over 10,000 students.  In addition to the  academy events, Wicks developed the North American MINI Cooper Championship for two  successful seasons.  Working in concert with colleagues in the UK, Wicks spearheaded the efforts of  cooperation between the US and UK variants of the MINI Challenge Series resulting in the champion  from each respective series competing in the opposite series as a guest driver.  In addition, Wicks  helped negotiate the television rights to the series and broadcast it nationally on the MavTV cable  network.

In addition to the MINI brand, Wicks has raced, instructed and sold numerous brands over the past  half century including Fiat, Lamborghini, Rolls-Royce, Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Mercedes, Ferrari and  others.  His expertise is sought after for personal appearances, expert analysis, television  commentary, stunt driving and numerous other auto centric activities.



Phil’s racing history in the original Mini provided the foundation and the expertise that Wicks carries to his involvement in the sport today

  • Track days at Brands Hatch driving modified 850 Minis and Austin-Healey Sprints in 1959
  • Phil Wicks raced the Mini Cooper from 1961 until 1966. Highlights include:
    • Works driver for Radbourne Racing 1961-1963. Wicks’ first appearance in Mini Coopers
    • 997 Mini Cooper. Attained pole position at Brands Hatch in very first race
    • Was hired as works manager for Lamborghini UK in 1967 having completed training at Lamborghini factory, Bologna Italy, as well as preparing and developing Mini Coopers for various customers
    • Drove the first ever Austin Mini Cooper “S” – HOP 731
    • Drove for works supported Taurus Performance Tuning in 1963
      • Mini Cooper ‘S’ 1071cc in Britain National Championship
      • Mini Cooper ‘S’ 999cc in European Touring Car Championship
    • Stunt driver in original “Italian Job” film
    • Stunt driver for several UK television programs including “DangerMan”
    • Prepared various racecars and drove with Alain de Cadenet
    • Founder of the Phil Wicks Driving Academy in the US in 2002
    • Founder of the North American MINI Cooper Championship
    • Expert consultant appearance on Discovery Channel “Auction Kings”
    • Appearance in documentary film “Vintage Racing Today”
    • UK Mini Cooper registry currently developing feature story on Phil Wicks career
    • Currently competes a classic Mini Cooper in various vintage racing events in the USA. Since 2010 driving for Zapata Racing Team in Nashville TN, competed in 20 races placing first in all but three, including Gold Cup at VIR and The Walter Mitty at Road Atlanta
    • Has probably completed more track miles in a Mini Cooper than anyone else in the world