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NASCAR driver/owner Chris Lafferty


Priv8teer is pleased to announce the 3rd addition to its roster of 8 driver/riders in its creative motorsport marketing campaign.  NASCAR team owner/driver Chris Lafferty comes to the Priv8teer 8 with a long list of accomplishments.  He joins other racers in a campaign that is designed to collectively and individually promote their racing programs under a common theme and combined visibility provided by Priv8teer.  By utilizing each of their unique stories, Priv8teer elevates their marketing and sponsorship viability to higher levels of capability.

“Chris is a welcome addition to the Priv8teer 8,” said Priv8teer creator and administrator, veteran motorsport marketing executive, Brian Mackey.  “I have known and watched Chris over the years build his racing enterprise through sheer determination, unbridled enthusiasm and constant focus.  He exemplifies the privateer spirit found throughout racing, and his addition to the Priv8teer 8 helps to solidify what it means and what it takes to be a privateer racer. “

To date three drivers/riders have filled the slots that make up the Priv8teer 8.  With five more varied racers to fill the final roster, the foundation is set and the earmarks established for a far reaching motorsport campaign to emerge.

Lafferty joins veteran vintage Mini Cooper racer Phil Wicks, a fifty-plus year motorsport veteran who complements the young, fast and upcoming AMA flat track motorcycle racer, Jeremy Higgins as core members of the Priv8teer 8.  Five more slots are available in a varying number of racing series and classifications that enable Priv8teer to offer commercial sponsors an impressively broad promotional platform under one common theme.

“At my agency, we have focused our attention on creating different motorsport marketing campaigns that are designed to elevate motorsports beyond a more single tier approach of the past,” noted Mackey, the president of Mackey Marketing Group.  “We believe that today’s motorsport marketing landscape is significantly different and requires new thinking and revitalized strategies to stay competitive.  While branding and other traditional strategies continue to play a role, our new campaigns  place far higher focus on social media, extensive interaction and engagement with race fans in more relevant and contextual manner.  The Priv8teer campaign reflects that perspective.”

More announcements will be made in the coming weeks pertaining to the remainder of the roster of drivers/riders selected for this exciting new format of motorsport promotion.  The selection process guarantees that the Priv8teer 8 will be a hard charging, dedicated, ambitious and highly marketable group of talented athletes.


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