About Us

Priv8teer is the creative work of a consortium of specialized experts under the direction and supervision of motorsport marketing experts at Mackey Marketing Group.  With nearly thirty years of motorsport marketing experience, Mackey Marketing understands the sport from a marketing perspective better than most.  With that understanding came a creative way to help create a fluid marketing promotion that yields positive impact, multiple levels of promotion and serious benefits for the teams and drivers/riders who have been selected to be a part of the ground-breaking campaign.

Under the Priv8teer banner, each of 8 racing properties will help promote themselves individually as well as combine their voices to create a motorsport marketing powerhouse that will resonate far beyond what a single motorsport promotion could accomplish.  These 8 individuals combine to create a much more powerful force when their messages are directed in one direction and in one unified theme.

It’s all part of Mackey Marketing Group’s new approach to motorsport marketing.  With intimate and hands-on experience, Mackey understood that the motorsport marketing strategies of the 20th century had become stale and outdated.  Something needed to be done to revitalize what has traditionally been the most successful application of sports marketing in the world.  What was needed was a new way to build more modern benefits for sponsors and participants.  With thorough use of social media, interactive platforms and integrated messaging, Priv8teer eclipses the traditional with new levels of motorsport marketing interaction and direct fan engagement.

We encourage you to be part of the action.  Part of the message.  Part of the show.  Part of the solution.  Support Priv8teer!