United States Race Club Signs as Official Sponsor of the Priv8teer 8

USRC_BusinessLogo_LRG_colorMarietta, GA  January 26, 2016:  The Priv8teer 8 are pleased to announce the United States Race Club as an official sponsor of the new motorsport marketing platform developed by veteran motorsport marketing agency, Mackey Marketing Group, Inc.  The U.S. Race Club is an online racing community built for race fans to share their collective interest and passion for the sport.   As evidenced by their official motto “Racing is a sport, everything else is a game”, the U.S. Race Club has constructed a world class online community with innovative features for both fans and brands.

“We’re happy to welcome the United States Race Club as an Official Sponsor of the Priv8teer 8,” said Brian Mackey, president of Mackey Marketing Group.  “We are all race fans and their platform is an ideal central ‘meeting point’ for Priv8teer fans and race fans alike.  There are great similarities and common ground between these two campaigns.  I think this partnership will help solidify the creative and innovative approach represented by both entities.”

About the Priv8teer 8:  The Priv8teer 8 is a select group of up to eight motorsport “privateer” drivers and riders specifically chosen to collectively and individually promote their racing campaigns under the unifying theme of the Priv8teer 8.  Each was chosen for his/her skill on the race track, matched by their corresponding promotional and savvy social media ability off of it.  It is a powerful combination of modern day motorsport marketing strategies that will create increased engagement with motor racing fans across the country.

Currently, the Priv8teer 8 roster includes:

  1. AMA Flat Track Motorcycle racer, Jeremy Higgins.
  2. Vintage racer and renowned Mini Cooper driver, Phil Wicks
  3. NASCAR team owner and driver, Chris Lafferty
  4. WERA Motorcycle racer, Eric Swahn

In the coming weeks and early months of 2016, Priv8teer will add additional driver/riders to its roster as the 2016 season gets underway.

For more information:
United States Race Club, visit:  www.usraceclub.net
Priv8teer 8, visit:  www.priv8teer.com
Mackey Marketing Group, visit:  www.mackeymarketing.com