Eric Swahn Joins Roster of the Priv8teer 8

The Priv8teer 8 is pleased to announce the selection of Eric Swahn as the fourth Priv8teer 8 member to the unique motorsport marketing campaign.  Swahn’s selection brings the roster to four with an additional four participants to be selected during the 2016 season.

The Priv8teer 8 is a unique motorsport marketing campaign under the direction and guidance of long time motorsport marketing agency Mackey Marketing Group of Marietta, GA.  The Priv8teer 8 is a group of privateer racers, from both two wheel and four wheel categories, who were recognized not only for their ability and their perseverance on the race track, but also for their promotional ability and social media skills in support of their individual racing campaigns.  This powerful combination of eight driver/riders from a wide variety of racing arenas provides an amplified voice and expanded context for commercial sponsor utilization.  Rather than a random selection of racers, the Priv8teer 8 provides the unifying theme and relevancy across all of the participants motorsport activities.

Swahn is from the Metro Detroit area and competes nationally within the Expert classes of MotoSeries and WERA Motorcycle Road racing. He has recently earned his professional race license and is eligible for competition in the Superstock 600 class of MotoAmerica sanctioned by the FIM. Eric Swahn Racing (ESR) the brand, is very active across social media with a total following of 30,000 fans.

“Eric has tremendous social media skills and has built a sizeable following for his racing endeavors,” said Brian Mackey, president of Mackey Marketing Group, Inc.  “This in combination with his on track performance means he is an ideal member of the Priv8teer 8 and we’re pleased to have been able to add his name to the existing roster.”

Currently, the Priv8teer 8 roster includes:

  1. AMA Flat Track racer, Jeremy Higgins
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  2. NASCAR and ARCA Team owner and driver, Chris Lafferty
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  3. Vintage racer and renowned Mini Cooper racer, Phil Wicks
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  4. WERA and MotoAmerica racer, Eric Swahn
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