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Ready to reach out and touch the racing audience in a new and compelling manner?  Where else can a single sponsor campaign integrate and accentuate a product or service so uniquely, across so many landscapes as can be accomplished with   The Priv8teer 8 campaign focuses on the promotional values of motorsports, not simply the passive branding and awareness strategy.  With the Priv8teer 8 marketing your message, your company will interact not with just one racing program, not just one audience, but multiple series, multiple events, multiple markets, multiple times!!  It’s an approach that underscores a modern interpretation of the power of motorsport marketing.  Under the careful, skillful guidance of long time motorsport marketing specialists, Mackey Marketing Group, the Priv8eer8 is a huge opportunity awaiting brands that desire a motorsport promotion showcase that will resonate among race fans in ways never before contemplated.   8 times the publicity.  8 times the promotion platform.  8 times the availability.  Priv8teer can accomplish for your brand what others campaigns cannot.  It can achieve a level of brand promotion that surpasses a more singular approach of a single car or team sponsorship at a cost that will surprise.  All other racing programs pale against the vivid backdrop of 8 exciting Priv8teers all revving to go!  It is destined to enliven your brand’s sports marketing message in far reaching corners, with one commercial message, one unified theme, one umbrella campaign, all individually and collectively amplified to the power of 8.

For promotional availabilities, sponsorship and endorsement details, please contact:

Brian Mackey
Mackey Marketing Group, Inc.

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