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Phil Wicks


Phil Wicks is a racer.  He wins them quite regularly.  Over the course of the past several seasons, this veteran racer has dominated his class in his bright yellow “Snoopy” Mini Cooper.  Did we mention he’s 75 years young?  Phil Wicks competes and wins against not only those who are the age of his children, but also his grandchildren!  Phil has been racing Mini Coopers for well over 50 years!  He’s raced on both sides of the Atlantic on many of the classic race tracks of Europe, he’s been a works supported driver during his early career and also raced the first Mini Cooper “S” in competition.  He has also raced as a privateer, including his current regular appearances at vintage race events across the Southern USA.  We’re proud that he’s part of the Priv8teer family.

Phil owns the Phil Wicks Driving Academy, founded and managed the North American Mini Cooper Championship, serves as a driver/coach for many aspiring racers, is a sought after speaker and generally regarded as one of the world’s foremost experts on all things Mini Cooper and its racing heritage.

A great guy, a tremendous racer and a super Priv8teer!

phil_wicks_vintagePhil Wicks competing at Nurburgring in the 1960s.


Phil Wicks TV interview on classic Mini Coopers.




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